Awesome Kovalam Honeymoon Tour & Travel Packages

Honeymoon is a time that brings two people together and also lets the newlywed couples to know more about each other in a better manner. Do you dream of enjoying every moment of your honeymoon trip with your partner to collect some cherished memories? If yes, then plan your honeymoon to the God’s own country and let the nature help you to bring out the romance.

Kerala is an amazing destination which attracts honeymooners and tourists alike with its natural beauty. Set amidst shimmering backwaters and adorned by lovely hills and chirping birds, Kovalam has a lot to offer to its visitors. Kovalam is a beach town which allures visitors with its vast stretches of shining sand, enclosed between clear water. Literally Kovalam means grove of coconut trees and staying true to its name the city offer endless sights of swaying coconut trees. This town is also famous as the paradise of south India. The three beaches which when combined form a crescent of the famous Kovalam beach are:

Lighthouse beach This is one of the most visited beaches of the region. Lighthouse beach got its name from the old Vizhinjam lighthouse which is located on the rocky promontory. The intermittent beams from the light house offer a majestic view during the evenings.

Samudra beach A large part of land separates this beach from the region’s southern side. Samudra beach is not generally frequented by the visitors; however local fishermen carry out their trade from this beach.

Hawar beach

Hawar beach is alternatively named as Eve’s beach. The serene ambiance of the beach and its scenic beauty are worth exploring. On moonlit nights, the beach presents a magnificent view. Therefore a visit to this beach can be a fascinating experience. Honeymooners travelling to Kovalam have a number of options to choose from. They can relax on the picturesque beaches and admire their incomparable beauty or indulge in water sports for a thrilling experience. Couples can also go for Ayurvedic massage, which is regarded as a specialty of the region, to refresh their minds and bodies.

A romantic walk on the beach or a stroll amidst the coconut trees can help you to spend some quiet moments with your partner. Paddy fields of the region adorned by backwaters give the visitors an opportunity to take a romantic ride on the houseboats. Gliding on serene waters and enjoying the warm hospitality of the well trained crew makes your experience as comfortable and unforgettable as possible.

So experience the beauty of serene land and spend some everlasting moments amidst serene and calm ambiance. The lush green forests and the gurgling sound of the waterfalls make Kovalam an idealistic honeymoon destination. Experience the nature from proximity and indulge in the beauty of refreshing waterfalls, along with reliving your life once again.

Choosing a wrong honeymoon package can sometimes convert pleasant memories into nightmares. Therefore, when planning your honeymoon trip, it is important to consult the experts in the travel industry. We assure to not only provide constant assistance but also offer world class services to our each and every guest.
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